Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Please comment with any topic ideas you have for SciMaTech meetings. This can be anything regarding Science, Math, or Technology, and is not limited to our normal formal symposium-style meetings, but is limited by resources and law.

Some presented:

  • Java
  • Paul Hewitt

As some of you know, last year SciMaTech sponsored several spring wind events, the topics of those being fractals, computer anatomy, and bridge building. These events are very fun and a good way to gain members  to attend our meetings and learn with us, but do take some time and preparation. If you have any ideas regarding to spring wind events, or you would like to run one for SciMaTech, please let us know. (Note: to appeal to the general public, these should probably be more interactive activities, although normal lectures are welcomed too)

Spring wind event ideas:
  • Catapults and Trebuchets